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The Food

Always wanted to host a Bon Appetit style dinner party?   The kind you’re not sure anyone in real life actually throws – with seasonal bouquets, exotic chutneys and savory thyme biscuits shaped like tulips? 


What if you could do it without stepping even your little baby toe into a grocery store?  Without ANY pre-gathering spousal bickering?  Without still being in the shower when your first guest arrives?


You write out the guest list, we take care of the rest.  (And yes, the rest includes cleaning up while you enjoy a glass of port in the drawing room.)


Work with Dave to create a custom menu.  Gluten free?  Vegetarian?  Severe seaweed allergy?  We got you covered.  Want a side of learning with your main course?  Dave’ll let you and your friends in on his secret techniques and savory stylings. 

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